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Scribus (2) : Tools for text

22 septembre 2016 Logiciels libres

Attention to detail is really important when working on your poster. In this tutorial we’ll see some more advanced features for textual content, as well as how to properly export your files so as to print easily.

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Scribus (1) : Introduction

12 juillet 2016 Logiciels libres

It’s inevitable that at some point, we all need as researchers to create a poster to display our work. Organizing information is fundamental and, as a result, it is crucial to use the right tools. Scribus is efficient open source software for this task. We propose a short introduction to it in this tutorial.

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Choosing the right software

03 août 2015 Logiciels libres

Selecting the right tool for a task is essential. You wouldn't try to use a cell phone camera to create an album for a wedding, right? The same applies to software: you shouldn't try to edit your photos using Microsoft Word when you can have a more specialized program for this kind of job.