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Resolution and DPI

29 avril 2016 Traitement des images

It is not always clear what the relation is between the size of images seen on screen and their size once printed on paper. We have seen in previous tutorials how much resolution matters to obtain high quality figures. In this tutorial, let us consider the impact of resolution on printed images.

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Adjusting plots with Inkscape

29 mars 2016 Traitement des images

Graphs in general are a wonderful way to display data. They can help us to quickly analyse patterns and to understand our numbers at a glance. Even better than having good results is displaying them nicely!

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Introduction to Inkscape

07 décembre 2015 Traitement des images

It’s an everyday need for us researchers to create fluxograms, graphs, schematics or any other graphic way to help the public better understand our results. When it comes to a simple presentation, the default tools may suffice, however, for more complex tasks, we need extra help - that’s when Inkscape comes into play.

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Working with layers on GIMP

17 novembre 2015 Traitement des images

If you need to create a composition with two or more images, you’re going to need to better understand the concept of layers. In this tutorial we explore the GIMP layer system through a practical example.

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Introduction to GIMP - Basic image treatment

07 octobre 2015 Traitement des images

When it comes to image manipulation, the first software that comes to mind surely is Photoshop. Nevertheless, we can also think of GIMP, a free open source solution that is suitable for the majority of common tasks.

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Formats d'images

28 août 2015 Traitement des images

Qui n'a jamais eu un résultat affreusement pixellisé en augmentant la taille d'une image pour l'adapter à une présentation de diapositives Powerpoint ? En savoir plus sur les formats d'image peut nous aider à réaliser un travail de meilleure qualité.