ANHIMA (UMR 8210) Grenet-Glotz Library

ANHIMA Anthropology and History of the Ancient World Library

The Glotz-Grenet library is co-managed by 5 institutions: NRS, EHESS, EPHE, Université Paris 1, and Université Paris 7. The library is dedicated to Classical Antiquity i.e. ancient Greece, Rome and the Greek and Roman Mediterranean, primarily from the first millennium BCE to the 5th century CE. The Holdings include 50,000 volumes and 450 journal titles, including 114 current subscriptions focusing on:

  • Literary sources: philology, scholarly editions of Greek and Latin texts, commentaries, Christian sources, papyrology, editions of the Dead Sea manuscripts.
  • Epigraphic sources: Greek and Latin epigraphy, onomastics, prosopography.
  • History and anthropology of Greek and Roman societies: political institutions, history of religion, law, ancient philosophy, anthropology, gender history, and more
  • Ancient iconography: religious and mythological iconography, the iconography of Greek vases, iconography of social practices
  • Historiography: creation and dissemination of knowledge of Antiquity since the Renaissance, history of scholarship and intellectual practices
  • An rich collection of 40,000 offprints inherited from the libraries of great scholars such as Charles Picard, William Seston, Emilienne Demougeot, Jean-Pierre Vernant, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, and Pierre Amandry
  • The Poinssot library (special acquisition in 2006): a collection of works from the library of the Poinssot family of archeologists active in North Africa. The acquisition was made in conjunction with the INHA library that acquired the Poinssot archives. These acquisitions led to the creation of an extensive digital archive on ancient North Africa.
  • Works from the libraries of Pierre Salama and Noël Duval, donated to the INHA library, some volumes of which were in turn donated to the Gernet-Glotz Library
  • Collections of periodicals donated by the CEAMO (Centre d’études sur l’archéologie de la méditerranée occidentale), Universtié Paris-Sorbonne

Access terms

The library is open to faculty, researchers and Master's, PhD and post-doctoral students, ancient studies scholars, teachers and specialists. The library is also open to art historians and museum curators, on request. Registration required.

Lending terms

Loans are reserved for faculty, CNRS researchers and students from Universities Paris 1, Paris 7, Paris-Sorbonne, EHESS, EPHE and ANHIMA members and associate members. Users may borrow a maximum of 3 documents at a time. Books: 2 weeks maximum.  Periodicals: 1 week maximum. 

 Photo Credits : Association Les Argonautes

ANHIMA (UMR 8210) Grenet-Glotz Library

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