Entertainment capital of the world

Baptist Penetticobra

Short film (2014) by a student from ENSAD's Photography / Video department

Entertainment Capital of the World is a series of straight forward, clear-cut scenes about an American family at Thanksgiving-time. Inspired by his experience as an exchange student in the United States, Baptist Penetticobra brings us scenes from American family life as we know it from high-end U.S. television series or teen movies in a series of sketches filmed in a studio décor he painstakingly recreated wall-by-wall, room-by-room, in one of ENSAD's studios. It is a sort of digital Generation X, just as incisive and just as funny. A psychodrama unfolds before our eyes: the French student, with his fragile yet self-confident charm, looks for answers. The daughter, the father, the mother and once again the daughter, give us their unsolicited opinions. The result can at times be cruel. The screen is split into three, the story circulates around the screen, focused, yet evasive despite Its incredible seductiveness. In a particularly captivating final scene, the adolescent dances to a fiercely energetic R&B piece as we share in her exhaustion.