Juillet électrique (Electric July)

Rémi Bigot
La Fémis

Short subject for Graduation Film Project, Directing department, class of 2014



It's July and very hot. Thomas and Victor, two 14-year-old teenagers are looking to escape their boredom. Victor wants Thomas to take a walk with him along an abandoned bridge. Thomas, reticent, follows. He will have to face his fears and desires as he crosses the bridge on his way to an uncertain destination. 


Director: Joséphine Mourlaque (class of 2014)<br>Screenplay: Rémi Bigot and François Peyroux (class of 2014)<br>Cinematography: Paul Guilhaume (class of 2014)<br>Camera: Rémi Jennequin (class of 2014)<br>Sound engineering: Marion Papinot (class of 2014)<br>Film Editing: Juliette Alexandre (class of 2014)<br>Sound editing: Marion Papinot (class of 2014)<br>Sound mix: Gaël Eléon (class of 2014)

With: Nathan Bobet, Rémi Chaudière, Sophie Froissard and Florimond Constant

Runtime: 24'<br>Genre: Fiction<br>Shooting format: HD<br>Screening format: DCP, 1.85 , color, 5.1

Awards and selections

  • Special mention: Queer Lisboa - International Queer Film Festival 2015, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Cinésup lycée award 2015: Cinéclass, the Université de Poitier University and High school film festival, Poitiers, France 2015
  • Jury Prize for Short Films: 2014 Chéries Chéris, Paris Gay Lesbian Trans Film Festival, France
  • Selection: Short film competition, Festival International du Film Indépendant de Bordeaux 2015 (France)
  • Selection: Shorts competition - Queer Lisboa - International Queer Film Festival 2015, Portugal
  • Selection:  Montefeltro Film School Festival Competition 2015, Pennabilli, Italy
  • Selection: Short film competition, Toronto LGBT Film Festival 2015, Canada
  • Sélection: Cinémarges film festival 2014, Bordeaux (France)
  • Selection: Best short film competition, Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2015, Australia
  • Selection: Poitiers Film Festival Competition 2014, France