La Ravaudeuse (the mender)

Simon Filliot
La Fémis

Short subject for Graduation Film Project, Cinematography department, class of 2012 .


Siamese twin brothers, separated at birth, grew up quite literally side-by-side. The mother, an excellent seamstress, can't seem to find her place between them. Finally, a peddler stops by selling strange prostheses. With needles and thread, scissors and handiwork, they all try to mend their hidden wounds.


Production: Belinda Leduc (class of 2012)<br>Screenplay: Simon Filliot (class of 2012)<br>Cinematography: Simon Filliot (class of 2012)<br>Camera: Simon Filliot (class of 2012)<br>Set design: Eliane Lorthiois<br>Film Editing: Suzanne Van Boxsome (class of 2013)<br>Sound editing: Daniel Capeille (class of 2012)<br>Sound mix: François-Xavier Delaby<br>Production assistant: Chloé Chevalier<br>Special effects: Sylvain Coisne (class of 2012)

With: David Gérard, Cyrille Gaudin and Titouan Laporte.

Runtime: 9’50’’
Genre: Stop Motion Animation
Shooting format: HD (Canon 5D)
Screening format: DCP, 1.85 , color, 5.1

Selections and Awards

  • Award for the Best Sound, Guarimba film festival, AMANTEA, Italy
  • Jury Prize and Award for Best Animation, 2013 Angoulème Short Film Festival
  • Dragon Award for New Talent, 2013 Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden
  • Best animated film, 2012 International Students Film and Theatre Festival Priština, Kosovo
  • Selection: Short Film Competition and 3 Days In Paris program (panorama of animated films produced in Paris), Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014, Australia
  • Selection: Animated Film Competition, Mecal 2014, Barcelona International Festival of Short Film and Animation, Spain
  • Selection: Student Competition, Sommets du cinéma d’animation, 2013 Montreal and Quebec International Film Festival, Canada
  • Selection: Student Film Competition, "Horrors and Dreams", International Animated Film Festival TINDIRINDIS 2013, Vilnius , Lithuania
  • Selection:  International Short Film Competition, 2013 Cork Film Festival, Ireland
  • Selection: Student competitive program, 2013 BALKANIMA-European Animated Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Selection: Competition, 2013 Philadelphia Film Festival, USA
  • Selection: Student category, 2013 Bradford Animation Festival, UK
  • Selection: Competition, 2013 Rennes Short Film Festival, France
  • Selection: Competition, Fresh Film Fest 2013- International Festival of First Features and Student Films, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Selection: Competition,  2013 London International Animation Festival – LIAF, UK
  • Selection: 2013 Chacun Son Court festival, Strasbourg, France
  • Selection: “Animated Encounters” Competition, 2013 Short Film and Animation Festival, Bristol, UK
  • Selection: Competition, 2013 ANIMANIMA Festival, Cacak, Serbia
  • Selection: Animated short competition, 2013 RabbitFest, Perugia, Italy
  • Selection: Student Film competition, 2013 SICAF, Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival , South Korea
  • Selection: Short Film Competition, 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival, USA
  • Selection: International Short Film Competition at Art Film Fest 2013, Trencianske Teplice/Trencin, Slovakia
  • Selection: Animation Competition, "Polycule", 2013 Brussels Short Student Film Festival, Belgium
  • Selection: 2013 Stanley Film Festival, Estes Park, Colorado, USA
  • Selection: Official Competition "Knock Knock Knock", 2013 Busan International Short Film Festival, South Korea
  • Selection: Competition, 2013 Dau’film Festival, Université Paris-Dauphine, Paris, France
  • Selection: Competition, 2013 Casablanca Festival International d’Art Vidéo, Morocco
  • Selection: Competition, AniFest 2013, International Festival of Animated Films, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Selection: Competition, 2013 Angoulème Short Film Festival
  • Selection: European Student Film Competition, 2013 Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, Holland
  • Selection:  Graduation/Student Shorts Competition, Be there ! 2013 Corfu Animation Festival, Greece
  • Selection: Competition, 2013 NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania
  • Selection: Competition, 2013 Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden
  • Selection: National competition, 2013 Festival du Court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand, France
  • Selection: International Competition Program, 2012 International Students Film and Theatre Festival Priština, Kosovo
  • Selection: Competition "academics" category, 2012 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival, Canada
  • Selection National Competition Student Short Films, 2012 Festival National du Film d’Animation de Bruz, France
  • Selection: Competition, International Film Students Meeting, 2014 San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain