Le refuge (the sanctuary)

Laurent Bonneau

Short film (2012) by a student from ENSAD's Photography / Video department .

Laurent Bonneau is an illustrator, filmmaker and musician. As a filmmaker he builds on his personal sense of sound and image and a predilection for convoluted, elliptical storylines that mirror the work he has published in recent years as a cartoonist (in particular Rêves syncopés and Metropolitan, Dargaud publisher).

In The Refuge,  the action is stop-and-start. We see a man walking in a stream. We hear a gunshot. Then we see the man limping. Has he been shot? … Simultaneously we are shown family photos – his mother, a sort of unspeakable enigma. The man, with his troubling countenance, is The Brother, all brothers, and in this case, the filmmaker's brother. As the tale unfolds, like  a stream of consciousness,  we watch him take action. He exists. His charisma is all he needs and Laurent Bonneau puts it to good use..