Katia Svyeshnykova
La Fémis

Short subject for Graduation Film Project, Directing department, class of 2012 .


Marie goes looking for Macha, a child from Chernobyl with whom she used to spend summer vacations when they were young. Once in Ukraine, her travelling companion disappears mysteriously. She meets Anna, a young Ukrainian woman, and together they leave to look for Marie's friend. Their search brings them close to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.


Director: jeanne Ezvan (class of 2012)<br>Screenplay: Katia Svyeshnykova (class of 2012) and Pauline Le dDset<br>Cinematography: Julia Mingo (class of 2012)<br>Camera: Julia Mingo (class of 2012)<br>Sound engineering: François Abdelnour (class of 2012)<br>Film Editing: Grégoire Pontecaille (class of 2012)<br>Sound editing: Daniel Capeille (class of 2012)<br>Sound mix: Paul Jousselin (class of 2012)

With: Maud Wyler, Olga Khoklova and Antoine Bretillard

Runtime: 43'
Genre: Fiction
Shooting format: HD Sony F3
Screening format: DCP, 1.77, color, 5.1

Selections and Awards

  • Selection: Competition, Les Saisons Parisiennes International Film Festival 2013, Saint Petersburg, Russia