Peng Tian

Ruosong Huang
La Fémis

Short subject for Graduation Film Project, Directing department, class of 2014 .


A young Chinese student spends his last summer at home with his parents before leaving to study in England.


Director: Mékissa Malinbaum (class of 2014)<br>Screenplay: Manon Feuvray(class of 2014)<br>Cinematography: Anaïs Ruales (class of 2014)<br>Camera: Anaïs Ruales (class of 2014)<br>Sound engineering: Victor Praud (class of 2014)<br>Set design: Wei Qing<br>Script: Esther Jacopin (class of 2013)<br>Film Editing: Clémence Diard (class of 2014)<br>Sound editing: Victor Praud (class of 2014)<br>Sound mix: Nina Maïni (class of 2014)

With: Peng Tianyi, Peng XueQing, Zhou HongCui

Runtime: 36’
Genre: Fiction
Shooting format  HD (Sony F5)
Sreening format: DCP, 1.85 , color, 5.1