Comme une grande (just like a big girl)

Héloïse Pelloquet
La Fémis

Short subject for Graduation Film Project, Film Editing department, class of 2014



A year in the life of Imane, at the seaside. One day Imane will be a grown-up. In the mean time, she has high school, her girl-friends, boys, summer holidays, passing vacationers, winter, projects, her dreams …


Director: Mélissa Malinbaum (class of 2014)<br>Screenplay: Rémi Brachet (class of 2014) and Héloïse Pelloquet (class of 2014)<br>Cinematography: Augustin Barbaroux (class of 2014)<br>Camera: Augustin Barbaroux (class of 2014), Paul Guilhaume (class of 2014), François Chambe<br>Sound engineering: Marion Papinot (class of 2014), Lucas Héberlé<br>Film Editing: Héloïse Pelloquet (class of 2014)<br>Sound editing: Marion Papinot (class of 2014), Lucas Héberlé<br>Sound mix: Gaël Eleon (class of 2014)<br>Production assistant: Rémi Brachet (class of 2014)

With: Imane Laurence, Océane Catrevaux , Margot Québaud, Mattis Durand, Mahaut Thuillier and Margot Pelloquet

Runtime: 43’
Genre: Fiction
Shooting format: HD Sony F3 and Iphone
Screening format: DCP, 1.77, color, 5.1

Awards and selections

  • Grand Prix France, People's Choice Award, and Short Film Prize: European competition, Festival du Cinéma de Brive 2015, France
  • Special mention for Best actress in a European film school production for Imane Laurence, 2015 Festival Premiers plans, Angers, France
  • Selection: International student competition, Kyiv International Molodist Film Festival 2015, Ukraine
  • Selection: International competition - Silhouette Festival 2015, Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge, Paris, France
  • Competition: Montefeltro Film School Festival 2015, Pennabilli, Italy
  • Selection: Panorama section, Barcelona International Women’s Film Festival 2015, Spain
  • Selection: European competition - Festival du Cinéma de Brive 2015, France
  • Competition:  European Film School productions, 2015 Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers, France