La Prochaine fois le feu (next time it'll be with fire)

Julie Borvon
La Fémis

Short subject for Graduation Film Project, Film Editing department, class of 2012 .


Bahijja, or the failed rebellion. Refusing to be overwhelmed by disillusionment and fall back into lethargy, Bahijja decides to leave the housing project and find a different way to rebel.


Director: Jeanne Ezvan (class of 2012)<br>Screenplay: Julie Borvon (class of 2012)<br>Cinematography: Michael Capron (class of 2010)<br>Camera: Michael Capron (class of 2010)<br>Sound engineering: Jean Baptiste Alazard (class of 2010)<br>Script: Christelle Meaux<br>Film Editing: Julie Borvon (class of 2012)<br>Sound editing: Charlotte Butrak (class of 2012)<br>Sound mix: Alexis Meynet (class of 2012)

With: Bahijja El Amrani, Tamaiti Torlasco, Pierre Nisse, Nasser Bessalah, Rémi Coquelet and Mehdi Bougettouche.

Runtime: 29’50’’
Genre: Fiction
Shooting format: HD (Lumix GH2)
Screening format: DCP, 16/9, color, 5.1

Selections and Awards

  • Selection: out of competition, 2013 Fresh Film Fest , International Festival of First Features and Student Films, Prague, Czech Republic