Les élucubrations d'un soldat inconnu (the fantasies of an unknown soldier)

Nils Lacroix

Animated short film by an student from ENSAD's Animation department.


A French soldier, frustrated not to be able to go to war and prove his bravery, is in charge of maintenance at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Out of sheer boredom, he begins to invent imaginary lives and hypothetical deaths for this illustrious stranger. Moving between cynicism and compassion, the film takes a fresh look at the Great War (WWI) and its soldiers: Les Poilus.


Director:​ Nils Lacroix
Screenplay: Nils Lacroix
Graphic Design: ​ Nils Lacroix
Film editing: Nils Lacroix
Sound editing and mix: Jean-Baptiste Lévêque

Assisted by: Laurent Arasse, Maxime Landaro, Xavier Chardeau, Laurent Etchebest, Alexandre Bugeaud, Lucas Fiore, Pierre-Yves Marin, Pierre-Julien Fieux, Florant Gratterie,  Jesus Lendezma, Mathieu Franchi, Jean-Claude Lacroix, Sandra Rodriguez, Liliana Reyes

Runtime: 8'50''
Screening format: dvd, dvd hd
Techniques: rotoscoping, rostrum camera, drawing on paper
Software: DragonFrame Stop Motion, Adobe After Effects
Sound mix: 48,000 khz 16bit stereo
Aspect ratio: 16:9 

Awards and selections​

  • Animated film award, Festival Chalon tout court, March 2015
  • Student Short subject Award (Prix Court d'école), 9th annual Trois Jours Trop Courts film festival, April 2015, in Castres, France)
  • Le carrefour de l’animation Forum des images, December 2014
  • Festival de la Mairie du Vème, September 2013
  • Trois Jours Trop Courts, Castres, France, April 2015
  • Chalon Tout Court, (March 2015)
  • 8th annual PARTIE(S) DE CAMPAGNE festival, July 2015
  • Bourg en Bresse Animation Film Festival, October 2015
  • ANIMEST international animation film festival, October 2015, Bucharest, Romania