Les Naufragés (the lost)

François Abdelnour
La Fémis

Short subject for Graduation Film Project, Sound department, class of 2012 .


A group of men we know nothing about and who no one understands, a train speeding along through the cold of night. A voyage towards a mysterious quest. 


Director: Mark Zaidelson (class of 2012)<br>Screenplay: François Abdelnour (class of 2012)<br>Cinematography: Antoine Desse (class of 2014)<br>Sound engineering: François Abdelnour (class of 2012)<br>Film Editing: Vincent Gaudin and Vinvent le Port (class of 2010)<br>Sound editing: Renaud Bajeux and François Abdelnour (class of 2012)<br>Sound mix: Fanny Weinzaepflen (class of 2011)

Runtime: 24'<br>Genre:  Documentary, experimental<br>Shooting format: mini DV<br>Screening format: DCP, 16/9 , color, 5.1

Selections and Awards

  • Audiovisual Student Award, 2012 Traces de Vies Clermont-Ferrand / Vic-Le-Comte Documentary Film Festival, France
  • Selection: International competition, 2014 Brazilian Student Film Festival, Niterуi and Rio, Brazil
  • Selection: European Short Film Competition, 2013 Essonne European Film festival, France
  • Selection: Documentary section, 2013 Silhouette Festival, Paris, France
  • Selection: Expériences du regard, 2013 États généraux du film documentaire de Lussas, France
  • Selection:  Panorama program, 2013 Côté court en Seine-Saint-Denis,  Pantin, France
  • Selection: Premiers Pas competition, 2013 Visions du Réel International Festival, Nyons, Switzerland
  • Selection: Competition,  2013 Les Saisons Parisiennes International Film Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Selection: 2012 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Paris
  • Selection: Competition, 2012 Traces de Vies Documentary Film festival, Clermont-Ferrand / Vic-Le-Comte, France