Les Valeureux (the valorous)

Marine Feuillade et Pauline Lecomte

Short film (2012) by two student from ENSAD's Photography / Video department

The setting: an average, unidentified city somewhere in France where two old women, descendants of the Bourbon kings, live secluded. In an uninterrupted two-person monologue, they tell the story of a vanished world as if it were still here. A maid, or a home-helper - well let's call her a servant – assists them. Always moving, erect and patient, she understands them and through counterpoint or an effect of scale, validates their story. Simultaneously, Marine Feuillade and Pauline Lecomte film a young man of 17 or 18 during his cello lessons or when he joins his friends to for a session of air-gun shooting. A beautiful film, caught between insignificant kings and the wasteland of adolescence,  it tells a story of today's world, of our youth, and of a France that never changes .