Trans Mundia Express

Anne-Sophie Delseries
La Fémis

Short subject for Graduation Film Project, Production Design department, class of 2014



Why are the all Trans Mundia Express trains full of passengers as motionless as wax dolls? And who is Barnabé, the strange and conscientious railway agent who put them back in place each time they fall? 


Directors: Anne-Sophie Delseries (class of 2014), David Caviglioli<br>Screenplay: Anne-Sophie Delseries (class of 2014), Patrick Vuittenez (class of 2015)<br>Cinematography: Augustin Barbaroux (class of 2014)<br>Camera: Augustin Barbaroux (class of 2014)<br>Sound engineering: Gaël Eléon (class of 2014), Sylvain Lambinet (class of 2013)<br>Set design: Anne-Sophie Delseries (class of 2014)<br>Script: Anaïs Sergeant (class of 2013)<br>Film Editing: Héloïse Pelloquet (class of 2014)<br>Sound editing: Sylvain Lambinet (class of 2013)<br>Sound mix: Sylvain Lambinet (class of 2013)<br>Production assistant: Anna Le Mouël

With: Barnabé d’Hauteville, Blandine Rinkel

Runtime: 7'25"<br>Genre:  Fiction<br>Shooting format: HD Sony 55<br>Screening format: DCP, 1.85 , color, 5.1