Vie et mort de l'illustre Grigori Efimovitch Raspoutine (the life and death of the illustrious Grigori Efimovitch Rasputin)

Céline Devaux

Animated short film by a student from ENSAD's Animation department .


In the early 20th century, a wandering monk arrives at the court of the Tsar of Russia: Rasputin. Albeit bedraggled and lecherous, the moujik succeeds in insinuating himself into the inner sanctum of the Imperial family. A abhorrent state of affairs for some aristocrats …


Director: Céline Devaux
Screenplay: Céline Devaux
Graphic design: Céline Devaux
Music-original score: Flavien Berger            
Film editing: Céline Devaux
Sound editing and mix: Céline Devaux et Christian Phaure         

With Yves Dufournier (voice over)

Runtime: 10'25''              
Techniques:Cel (handpainting on celluloid)    
Softwares: Dragon StopMotion Pro        
Sound mix: Christian Phaure, Agathe Courtin           
Aspect ratio: 1920x1080  
Black & White

Awards and selections

  • Jury Grand Prize for animation: Premier Plan d’Angers, January 2013
  • Best French-language animated film: Festival de Clermont-Ferrand
  • People's Choice award: École Centrale's One Reeler Festival  
  • 2013 Award: Festival de bouche à oreille, July 2013
  • First Prize: FESA Belgrade Festival
  • Jury mention: Festival de Courts Métrages de la Côte Bleue, October 2013
  • Special mention: TOFUZI Festival, Georgia
  • Prize for the Best Animated film: Sur les pas de mon oncle festival, October 2013